Rheumy Pussycat-The Black Cat  2010 Demo ( Hungarian Shitnoise with three tracks in the Metal Hammer paper case. Limited to handnumbered 25 copies ) 1,5 EUR

Crowz-Dementia Pyrexia 2010 EP (Hungarian Noise in the paper case. Limited to 25 copies) 1,5 EUR

i AM esper&Prosektor 2011 Split ( Drone/Dark Ambient from USA/Hungary) 2,5 EUR

Anonymus-In Hell 2010 Full-Lenght ( Dark Ambient from Hungary. Limited to 50 copies) 2,5 EUR


The first Frykt music (2009). Then the concept Drone/Ambient... Now Black Metal.
Limited 25 handnumbered copies. Only a few pieces left
Intro + 2 song, 13 min.

Ghoul Detail-Medicated 2010 (Dark Electronic Experimental Industrial Noise ambient from UK.) 4 EUR


Prosektor-Mental Illness 2011 Full-length (Clinical/Dark Ambient from Hungary. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies)

i AM esper&Anonymus-Slow Death 1 2011 (Collaboration)  (Funeral/Doom/Drone Ambient with DSBM influences from USA/Hungary. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies)  700HUF/3 EUR

Prosektor-Clinical Death: Way To Hell 2011 Full-lenght (Clinical/Dark Ambient from Hungary. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies) 3 EUR

Prosektor/Nebula VII/Mists of Poveglia/i AM esper-Dark Ambient Misanthropic Attack  (4 way split from Misanthropic Dark Ambient Circle. Limited to 100 copies) 3EUR

Prosektor/Xtematic- Dead City split (Hungarian&Croatian dark ambient artists common release) 3EUR

Print On Demand CD (POD):

Prosektor-Mortuus Spital 2010 Full-length ( Clinical/Dark Ambient from Hungary) 4 EUR

Anonymus-Whisper Of Death 2009 Full-Length ( Dark Ambient from Hungary)  4 EUR

Lykankult/Baalberith/Urnarium 2011 Split ( two UK black metal and a Hungarian down-tempo black metal on this CD)

Mists Of Poveglia -Suicide Amongst Mountains&During Winter Storms 2010/2011 (Dark Ambient/Neo-Classical(including Drone/Experimental from Salvbard.Project from ex-Kriegsphilosophie guitarist) 4 EUR

The M.S.P.-Hate 2011 ( Speedcore/Gabba/Noise) last copy !! 4 EUR


Amputation'zine with CD enclosure ( english wtitten on 44 pages,Interviews:Teitanfyre,Funeral Goat,Luctus Hydra,Demogorgon,Luvart,Uraeus,SS.18,Burial Hordes) 5 EUR


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