Digital Store:


 Physical Releases:                                                                                                                     

DWR#001 Qwertzuiop-Dead Oak   lim.15 copies     Tape  (last copy)     2,50 EUR  

DWR#002 i AM esper-The Ghosts Of The Fallen Trees, Awaken the Living   lim.20 copies ProCDR   4 EUR

DWR#003 Saturn Form Essence-Forgotten Space Of Chaos lim.15 copies Tape   3EUR

DWR#004 Mists Of Poveglia/Dark Isle/Abstinentia Divinorum-Autumn Addicts (3way split) Limited to 15 copies.  3EUR

DWR#005 Nebula VII-Nibiru's Arrival lim.20 copies ProCDr format 4EUR/5USD


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